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Read on to learn about our background and philosophy.

David Allen Coe
Penned Paycheck's hit #1 song

Eddie Rabbit
Past Billy Wayne client

Leroy Van Dyke
A Country Legend - AAM client

ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT is a full service Booking Agency and record label. We own AAM Records and have the ability to take an artist from start to being a star. ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT knows what it takes to record, promote and book an act whether it be a single artist or a band. ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT has been in business for more than 35 years and we are an agency that cares about the artists that we manage.
Billy Wayne's band is a traditional country act. They play Traditional Country and Western Swing. Billy recorded "Country Our Way" in 2004 and Billy's band was in the studio the last week in April to record his new CD which was released in September on AAM Records. The web site for The Dakota Country Band is

Our History: Associated Artists Management has been in the Music Business for over 35 years. Billy Wayne has played with several of the top names in Country Music. In the late 50's he played with Roger Miller in the 60's he played with Eddie Rabbit, and his band opened for Hank Thompson, Wanda Jackson, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jerry Lee, and many more. Associated Artists is a success because of the energy and experience that Billy Wayne has.
Associated Artists Management has over the years helped when disaster struck. In 2008 when the town of Northwood, North Dakota was devistated by a Tornado, Billy Wayne put on a benefit Concert to help the people of Northwood. AAM always helps when possible we have a 35 year history of helping with community needs.
Billy Wayne has helped several artists make it in the music business.
Associated Artists Management records in Nashville, Florida, Los Angeles California, Oklahoma City and now have studio's in Florida under contract to record our artists. We have opened an office in  Florida while we record in Nashville with studio's we have under contract. Our base of corporate operations is Nashville, Tennessee. All our business is managed from Nashville. Our company is a Country Music Group however we represent all Styles of music.
All business conducted by Associated Artists Management and AAM Records is based out of our Tennessee Office. All business is out of our Tennessee base. We do not work from Florida. There has been some confusion because I own a home in Florida and receive mail in Florida but to be clear we are and always have been working out of Tennessee which has been our base since 1976.

Traditional Country Music


Associated Artists Management P.O. Box 366 Matlacha, Fl 33993 Ph. 615-732-2901