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     Billy Wayne has been in the music business since the late 50's. At 15 Billy Wayne played steel guitar and Bass in Red's Playboy Club in Amarillo, Texas. The band consisted of Lucky Osborne on Steel, Lloyd Wheeler on fiddle (Lloyd played with Bob Wills),, Billy Wayne on Bass.
     The house band opened for Hank Thompson, Wanda Jackson, Hank Snow, Ray Price, and many more. Willie Nelson played at Red's before he made it in music. Buddy Holly would come from Lubbock to play. In the 60's Elvis played there with Jerry Lee and John Cash. A good start for Billy Wayne. Roger Miller played there and got his start in Amarillo. He was one of Billy Wayne's friends and was a big influence on Billy.
     Billy started Associated Artists Management and AAM records in Nashville in the 70's then opened offices and a recording studio in Florida and now has offices in Nashville, Oklahoma City has been closed and we are in negotiations to open an office in Brentwood, TN. 
     Associated Artists Management is a full service Production Company. We are a booking agency with the ability to book acts around the world. AAM has Billy Waynes Band, Dakota Country on their label. There is a DVD and new CD which was released in 2009, Classic Country and Western Swing at it's best. Billy Wayne's new CD was recorded in Nashville in the last week in May. This is the music close to Billy's heart, Western Swing. A tour is to run in  2011 through 2012. Check the dates that will be posted on this site for the Band and latest information.
Associated Artists Management has signed Bonnie Jean who is Billy Wayne's daughter. She is currently in the studio cutting her Debut CD "A Texas State of Mind" Bonnie was born in Amarillo Texas and one of the songs on her CD was written by another Texan from Amarillo John Rich.

Welcome to our web site:
ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT is a full service talent agency. We have recording studios under contract for both video and audio recording. AAM records can offer marketing services for artists on our label with aggressive promotion around the world.
ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT has been in the music business for over 35 years and a proven success record. We take our artists to the top because we care about our representative artists. We record in Nashville, Tennessee with studio's we have under contract.
                                       P.O. Box 366
                                       Matlacha, Fl 33993
Attention: Billy Wayne
If you are a song writer, singer, a band that needs representation, contact us for a free evaluation. Associated Artists Management is in the process of booking 12 talent auditions to be conducted in 2012. Watch this site for the audition opportunities and dates, for your chance to record and be represented by Associated Artists Management plus the chance of a lifetime to get international visibility for your talent.

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Associated Artists Management is in the process of expanding our talent roster. The Bands and artists that are booked by AAM include:
1. Billy Wayne & Dakota Country Band
2. J Bobby Hamilton by special arrangement
3. David Allen Coe by special arrangement.
4. Leroy Van Dyke
5. Megan Nicole
6. Burns and Poe Keith Burns was the founding member of Trick Pony and in 2009 founded Burns and Poe.
7. Sandra Lisa
8. Bonnie Jean Associated Artists Management is booking shows throughout the world. Watch closely, because this year will be the best. Also look at to see news about Billy Wayne & Dakota Country
The roster will expand throughout the year. AAM is in the process of restructuring
back to the Associated Artists Management of the 70's and upgrading to the future. If you are interested in having your band represented by AAM e-mail us at


From film to digital, we do it all.  
ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT is able to record your CD give your group top professional representation and record and produce your DVD as well. Make the move to put your career on the fast track. Send your demo to AAM.
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857 P.O. Box 366
Matlacha, Florida 33993
Phone: (615)732-2901
fax: 615-732-2901

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Associated Artists Management P.O. Box 366 Matlacha, Fl 33993 Ph. 615-732-2901