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International STAR Talent Contest

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We are a full service talent and booking agency. Give us a call if you are interested in booking or recording. Send a demo for a free evaluation. We record in Nashville with the best back/up pickers and production.
INTERNATIONAL STAR is a televised singing talent contest awarding the winning contestant with a professionaly recorded 12 song album, completely mastered, packaged and wrapped. Also included, the winner will have a contract record deal with AAM records who will help the new recording artist get world wide distribution of their new album, plus much more. The contestants will be able to obtain a DVD of their performance on every show.
In 2011 we will be doing shows in the USA and in Europe. Watch our site for locations.
For more information and to download an application you can e-mail Billy Wayne AAM and he will send you an application or visit the International STAR web site and download it directly.

Available Packages:
ASSOCIATED ARTISTS MANAGEMENT has several packages designed to have your CD or Demo recorded with top award winning pickers and producers in Nashville. We have the ability to record your CD or Demo with a price plan that can fit your budget. AAM can put together a Promo/Press kit to advertise and book your Band through our Booking Agency.

Watch this site for information on auditions AAM is conducting.

Although AAM is known for it's connections to Country Music we have the capability to record and produce all types of music. We have producers that work with Blues, Classic Rock, Gospel, Folk, R&B. Send a Demo for a free evaluation. 


AAM is a full service booking agency operated and controlled by the legendary Billy Wayne.
Billy Wayne has a heart of gold. He cares about families and children all over the world. When the town of Northwood , North Dakota was destroyed by a Tornado, Billy Wayne through Associated Artists Management organized a Benefit to help the people of the town.
One Charity that is close to Billy's heart is The World Family and Childrens Relief Fund which helps feed and give medical care to families so Billy has decided to re-release his CD Country Our Way and use part of the proceeds to help families.
If you like Traditional Country Music you will enjoy this CD. For a donation of $5.00 plus $2.50 for shipping we will send you a CD and you will be helping a good cause. Send your donation of $7.50 to payable to Associated Artists Management to: Associated Artists Management
                        P. O. Box 366
                        Matlacha, Fl 33993
Let's help a good cause. Thank you, Billy Wayne.
If you would like to help World Family Childrens Relief Fund you can send a donation to Associated Artists Management and we will gladly donate in your name.
To listen to some of the music on the CD offered go to;

The International Star Talent Competition will start it's new schedule in January 2012 in the beautiful Dominican Republic


Associated Artists Management
is booking some of the best country music acts in the business to perform at some of the most luxurious Caribbean resorts in the world.
The setting is perfect, the stages are uncomparible, the audience is from every corner of the globe and ready to be entertained.
The International STAR Talent Show will be broadcasting the next auditions around the world. Watch this site for locations.


With more than 20 countries around the Caribbean, Associated Artists Management can keep an act booked for as long as they would like. The audiences are eager to be entertained and the atmosphere is pure fun times. AAM also has contacts with the local TV and radio stations broadcasting throughout the tropics bringing your music to a wide variety of international fans. Come join the experience! Call Billy Wayne personally to get a quote on hiring some of the best artists in the world, or just to find out where to see your favorite stars will be performing during your tropical vacation.

For more information call: 615-732-2901.

Associated Artists Management P.O. Box 366 Matlacha, Fl 33993 Ph. 615-732-2901